Friday, October 10, 2014

Our Summer...... (Part 3 of 5)


Part three is all about July.  We had a pretty fun filled month and here are some photos..

1) Independence Day.  Here are Cooper, Katy and Kampbell in their red, white and blue.  Just love how precious these three are - so difficult to get them to smile at the same time though!  The Bram Fam came over and Andrew was home, so we had some food and celebrated.  Then, I took Cooper into downtown Indianapolis for the fireworks show that night.  We had a great day!

2) Katy climbing the dishwasher.  Not sure what it is about my kids loving the dishwasher, but they both have loved climbing in it.  Crazy kiddos.

3) Tim's surgery.  Tim had a short outpatient procedure to remove some weird tissue things he randomly gets.  This is him coming out of anesthesia.  He's always funny when he starts waking up.  He never remembers any of it later on though.  Wish I could have gotten some video.

4) KB's birthday!  Kampbell turned 2 on July 11th.  She's such a sweet grandbaby and I love her so much!!

5) Friday night sprinkler celebration - no real reason, he just wanted to have some sprinkler time, so we did it.

6) My Grandpa's birthday was July 13th and we went down on the 12th to celebrate with him.  Wish I had more pictures, but these will have to do.  Him with his cupcakes :)  

7)  The 13th we celebrated Kampbell's birthday at her house for a family party.  She was having a "bee" themed party, so I made her this cupcake cake.

Here are a few pictures of the pretty one on her birthday :)

8) Cooper had swim lessons for 2 weeks during the month of July, here are a few pictures from that:

I just love this one.  He's so handsome!!!

9) We took Kampbell, Cooper and Katy to a splash parkon the 22nd.  It really wasn't warm enough for them to be playing in the water, but hey, it was summertime, so we had to make the most of it.  Poor kiddos had blue lips when we were finished.

Again the smiling at the same time is rough.

10) July 28th we had the Sprinkle for Steph you can click to read more.

11) Another splash park visit with the Cooper and Kate after the sprinkle on the 28th.  They loved this one!

12)  Last, but not least, we bought ourselves a camper!!  Read about that here. 

Summer, Part three - OUT!  Stay Tuned, Part 4 coming right up....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Summer...... (Part 2 of 5)

June.  We were fairly busy people in June.  Let's get to it.


We have a membership for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and we like to visit as often as we can.  The kids and I have a great time, Cooper gets to play with things he loves to play with, Katy gets to follow him around, and it's a good time had by all.  

On this particular visit, the museum had a Great Wall of China event, so they had a massive "Great Wall Slide."  It is the same slide they have during Christmas time.  We all enjoyed it.

2) Making Kate's handprints for Daddy's Father's Day present.  For Father's Day this year, I decided to take the lead from something I had seen on Pinterest.  A leather bound journal that we make Father's Day cards year after year for Tim.  This is just one of them.  In addition to this, we got him a seat for the pool, and a Samsung Gear watch.  I think he had a pretty good Father's Day.

3) Garage Sale time.  Tim went all out with the garage sale this year.  We didn't sell much, and ended up donating a lot to Goodwill, but, it was a good excuse to clean out some things.

4) Family Game Night - SkipBo for the win.

5) Our "mini" vacation.  We stayed with my mom, and took the kids to a few places in the Louisville area, the Zoo, Louisville Slugger Bat Factory, out on the Ohio river on a boat and then lots of visiting with family.  Good times.

6) At the end of our mini vacation, we took a trip up north to get this little fella.  The newest member of our family, a Havanese puppy named Snickers.  This is the night we got him.  Cooper wanted to hold him in the car.  Both boys desperately needed haircuts...

So, the next day - they both got them.  Here are the after photos.

Then, we ended our vacation at Monkey Joe's.  Still a favorite for Cooper.

Our mini vacation was at the end of June, so that is a wrap for Part 2! :)  Coming soon, part 3....

Friday, October 3, 2014


This guy is FIVE today.  I can hardly believe it.  I take that back, I cannot believe it.  How is it possible, that five years ago, this little guy came into my life.  

I could go on about this child for pages and pages, he lights up my life. 

He is super smart, witty, and his personality shines bright (when he's not throwing some kind of fit, lol)!!!

Cooper has a passion for so many things.  SPORTS.  LEGOS.  NINJA TURTLES.  SUPER HEROES.  The list could go on and on, but these things seem to be what he cares about the most right now.

He is a super fan of soccer right now.  He still loves baseball and he plays basketball around the house whenever possible also.

Legos.  Oh my.  That boy loves him some legos.  He plays in his room with them, because of the small pieces - we don't want them all over the house for Katy to get into them.  Right now, he's got this massive lego house built on his lego table.  He has beds setup inside for his lego men to sleep on, he's pretty much got the works going on inside this house, and he's pretty much built the entire thing all by himself.

Ninja Turtles.  What kid isn't into them right now?  Cooper doesn't watch the show, nor did he see the movie, but for whatever reason, he's LOVING them anyway.  He loves hearing the theme song, thank you YOU-TUBE.  He also loves to yell COWABUNGA whenever he can.  Michelangelo is is favorite.

Super heroes.  He has always liked Superman, but he watched the original Superman movie with Nana and Papaw Shawn a few weekends ago, and now he's liking Spiderman, Batman, The Flash and Superman.  He knows their "real" names, you know, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.  Ha.  Every other day, he is either a Ninja Turtle or a different superhero.

Cooper is also into his Wednesday night activity at church, he goes to Awana. They sing songs, learn Bible verses, and learn about God.  He has learned his bible verses so well, he recites them to me and sings them.  I love that he loves our Lord.

Cooper always has something going on in his imagination.  He's full of so many stories.  He loves playing pretend and telling all kinds of stories about whatever he's into that day.  When we read Berenstain Bear books, he turns into Brother Bear and we all turn into the rest of the bear family.  Cooper Brother Bear loves to tell Papa Bear that he has to clean the windows on Fridays.  It's one of the funniest things listening to him tell his daddy what he's got to do and when.  Such a bossy guy.

See, I told you I could go on and on.  I'm going to wrap this up, but I'm so excited to wish my first baby the HAPPIEST FIFTH BIRTHDAY!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fascination or Obsession???

Today, I find myself wondering the difference.  And I am trying to figure out whether I am fascinated by something or obsessed with it.  Keep in mind that this could be just about anything that I’m referring to here.  For instance, yesterday at work, some girls were talking about how much they liked Caramello candy bars.  There were two of us who mentioned these other kind of caramel candy bars, specifically sold in fundraisers from schools, Caramel bars. 

Then the two of us who remembered these kind of caramel bars proceeded to dig in on the internet and find out as much as we could about these bars, where we could find them, if we could find them, and WHERE.

Is this a fascination or an obsession?  I think for a few minor moments there, it was obsession.  Once we found out more about them, it was determined that someone would be going to a store to be able to find the closest thing we can to these candy bars.  Then it was just a fascination.  When my co-worker bought the candy and brought it in, we were all excited, but the obsession had worn off..

I'm not sure what happens to me sometimes though.  When something happens and I am intrigued, sometimes I cannot stop until I've literally learned as much as I can about a topic.  I remember the ENRON scandal back several years ago.  I was literally obsessed.  I couldn't get enough knowledge about how something like this could happen.  I read and read and read until I just couldn't anymore.  I still get this way from time to time.  Sometimes the information available isn't enough to fulfill my obsession.  Sometimes it is just a fascination - and I like to think I can keep from obsessing more often than not, but well, sometimes, it's just not possible.

How about you?  Do you fascinate over things?  Obsess?  I know I must not be the only one out there who gets hooked on something!!!

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