Our Summer...... (Part 5 of 5)

This is last month of the summer series....  Then to catch up on October, maybe some day...

September was a fun month.  So many fun things.

1) Cooper has been loving Legos the last few months, so he's been wanting to play with them all of the time.  We have bought several of the little $12 and $19 kits to build a specific thing with the legos, and we both have a great time building them.  Well, the first weekend of September, we happened to  be at my mom's and she gave Cooper this huge tub full of legos.  Cooper and I built a helicopter (pictured below), then we started sorting.  We probably sorted legos for an hour but got a lot of them organized.  

2) Cooper officially had his first day of preschool!  Such a big boy.  Here he's pictured on our front porch, in front of his school and with his teacher.  I cannot believe he's already in pre-K!

3) Katy all dressed up in a ruffle-y outfit.  Had to get her in it once before she got too big!

4) The kids had grandparents day at their school - my dad got to come up and you can see, Katy wasn't having much fun.  Poor Papaw having to wrangle these kids.

5) Our church had a night of praise and Cooper and I went.  It was such a good time, He and I sang our hearts out for the Lord

6) Another weekend, we were visiting with family again and Dad, Gwen and I took the kids to the zoo.  It was a good time.  We rode the train, visited the animals and enjoyed ourselves very much.  

As you can probably tell, Cooper still enjoys sticking his tongue out quite a bit.

7) Next up was Steph's birthday.  This is the cake I made her.  A funfetti cake from scratch from Sally's Baking Addiction.  I think I tripled the recipe to make a three layer cake.

The 25 year old! :)  I forgot the candles, so this would have to do.

The girls and I taking a selfie.
8) Soccer pictures and lots of soccer games happened in the month of September.  Here is my cute boy and his dad with the entire team.

9)  Apple orchard time!  We like to visit Anderson's apple orchard to get our fill of honeycrisp apples, cider slushies and their home grown popcorn.  YUMMY!

Katy had fun jamming her face through the play structure.  Silly kid.

The must have token picture of the kids with the huge pumpkins.

10) You can never go wrong with playing in the neighborhood with the other kids.  This girl has a blast, and so does her brother, if we could only get him to slow down long enough to take his picture!

Here he is one evening - he decided it would be a good idea to climb up on the dash of the van.
11)  Olive Garden family dinner.  Once the never ending pasta bowl started, we had to visit at least one time! :)  The boys were doing the seek and find on the kids menu while Katy decided to light up the room with her sweet smile.  I love these kids.


Our Summer...... (Part 4 of 5)

August.  I'm falling behind on posting these and keeping up with our lives right now.  UGH - so much going on and so little time I seem to take to actually blog.  I must get my stuff together!

Anyway, here is our month of August fun.  Camping was a great time - if only for one night! :)

Kids selfies with mama.

Jamberry.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered some nail wraps and I loved them!  They lasted an entire week, and that my friends, is amazing for me and anything on my nails.  Now, if only I can find some more time to do them again.

Our beloved Indiana State Fair!  Here is Cooper fishing at one of the agriculture exhibits.  He just loves this one.  Maybe we should take him fishing for real someday.....

It was a cool day at the fair, so Katy had her blanket to keep warm.

Cooper just hanging out in a big tractor.

Riding a pony at the fair.  He wasn't too happy at first, but then loved it after he got started.

My babies posing for a picture before school one morning.

The next few are a trip to the children's museum.  One of our favorite places!

Our grandson was born!  Rhys Lowell Bramlett! :)

Cooper starts soccer and Katy is goofy during his games! :)

That pretty much wraps up August.  One more month to go! :)


Our Summer...... (Part 3 of 5)


Part three is all about July.  We had a pretty fun filled month and here are some photos..

1) Independence Day.  Here are Cooper, Katy and Kampbell in their red, white and blue.  Just love how precious these three are - so difficult to get them to smile at the same time though!  The Bram Fam came over and Andrew was home, so we had some food and celebrated.  Then, I took Cooper into downtown Indianapolis for the fireworks show that night.  We had a great day!

2) Katy climbing the dishwasher.  Not sure what it is about my kids loving the dishwasher, but they both have loved climbing in it.  Crazy kiddos.

3) Tim's surgery.  Tim had a short outpatient procedure to remove some weird tissue things he randomly gets.  This is him coming out of anesthesia.  He's always funny when he starts waking up.  He never remembers any of it later on though.  Wish I could have gotten some video.

4) KB's birthday!  Kampbell turned 2 on July 11th.  She's such a sweet grandbaby and I love her so much!!

5) Friday night sprinkler celebration - no real reason, he just wanted to have some sprinkler time, so we did it.

6) My Grandpa's birthday was July 13th and we went down on the 12th to celebrate with him.  Wish I had more pictures, but these will have to do.  Him with his cupcakes :)  

7)  The 13th we celebrated Kampbell's birthday at her house for a family party.  She was having a "bee" themed party, so I made her this cupcake cake.

Here are a few pictures of the pretty one on her birthday :)

8) Cooper had swim lessons for 2 weeks during the month of July, here are a few pictures from that:

I just love this one.  He's so handsome!!!

9) We took Kampbell, Cooper and Katy to a splash parkon the 22nd.  It really wasn't warm enough for them to be playing in the water, but hey, it was summertime, so we had to make the most of it.  Poor kiddos had blue lips when we were finished.

Again the smiling at the same time is rough.

10) July 28th we had the Sprinkle for Steph you can click to read more.

11) Another splash park visit with the Cooper and Kate after the sprinkle on the 28th.  They loved this one!

12)  Last, but not least, we bought ourselves a camper!!  Read about that here. 

Summer, Part three - OUT!  Stay Tuned, Part 4 coming right up....