Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Weekend.

We had a fabulous weekend at the Johnson household!  Filled with fun, friends, family and busy times!

We are still working on this thing as I mentioned Friday, but unfortunately it didn't work out over the weekend.  

Saturday was a very fun and good day.  Tim had to umpire some baseball games for a big tournament that was going on in town this weekend, and the kids and I did our chores so that we would be ready for the rest of the day.

Then I took Cooper to see Planes Fire and Rescue. This is the only picture I got, but this boy is so into the movie, he didn't even notice me taking the picture.

Saturday evening, my friend Jill brought her two boys, Max (Cooper's age) and Wyatt (Katy's age) over to play.  The boys definitely had a blast together.  This is a picture Jill took of them riding Coop's car.

On Sunday, we missed church due to lack of sleep, but were very busy after all of us finally woke up!  We got some retakes of Katy's birthday pictures taken, went grocery shopping, went on a picnic with Stephanie, Kampbell and Andrew, took the kids to a splash pad and playground and then home for more playtime for them/chores for us.

It was a busy and fun filled weekend for sure.  I just cannot wait for more weekends just like it.  Cheers to this week also - swim lessons, dinner with friends and more fun with my kids and hubby are on deck for us, what do you have going on this week?

Friday, July 18, 2014


I don't really have a big or major topic to write about - but I wanted to write, it's FRIDAY, the weekend is almost here and I'm super pumped about this weekend.

We've got a potential thing going on that I'm hoping will all work out and will provide some major fun and memories for our family over the next several years.

Plus, tomorrow and Sunday should be filled with some memory filling fun as well.  I'm excited.

I'm thrilled to be spending some quality time with these two hooligans as well..

Have a happy weekend folks! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Accountability Huh? What? Who? Where?

Well, I guess I could say accountability flew out the door.  I should say that the entire post that I wrote on June 3rd flew out the door.  Why?  I have no idea.  Laziness, no motivation, and excuses are three reasons, although not good ones.  

Yes, Katy has been teething, yes work has been extremely busy, yes we had a vacation tucked in there somewhere, but honestly, there is zero reason for me not getting up and walking on the treadmill, eating better or making time for myself.  For some reason I seem to be just going through the motions of life right now.  I don’t know if I’m a little down in the dumps, or if it’s just a stage in my life right now, but for whatever reason, I’m just unmotivated to do anything other than spend time with my kids and watch tv or read. 

This really needs to stop.  What will it take for me to realize that I made life changes for the better once upon a time – and I can do it again? 

I have so many things I want to blog about to catch up on, I want to get back to some fitness level where I recognize myself, and I want to be happier in general.  I know these things can happen, I just have to find the motivation, so that is the key, finding the motivation.

There are times that I’ve thought I should just stop all of this blogging stuff, that it’s just one less thing to worry about, one less thing to have to keep up with, and one less thing in general.  But you know what?  I like that I can look back and see what’s been going on with my family.  I like that I can look up and see what Katy was doing at 5 months, what Cooper was doing at 2 years, etc.  I only wish I had continued blogging after I had Cooper and before he was a year old.   

I’ve thought about buying T25 or P90x3 or something similar, to give me SOMETHING, ANYTHING to do other than the treadmill.  I think that it would be something that the entire family (well minus Katy) could actually get into, and enjoy.  Cooper wouldn’t really be “doing” much, but I think he’d enjoy dancing around trying – and at only 25 minutes per day, surely we could keep up with that…..  Now to get Tim on board with that.  I think I’ll work on it. 

If you read this, I could use some encouragement to make some changes in my life that are for ME.  I’ve obviously talked and talked and talked about it, but it’s time for change.  I thought getting a new blog design may help with this, and well, I’m actually blogging so we’ll see.  Now to get moving on some other aspects of my life.  Because there is more to life that the TELEVISION once the kids go to bed, right?!?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Accountability & Being "Emily"

Yesterday, I talked about how I wanted to find more time for things some things I've put on the back burner in the recent past, including blogging, exercising etc.

What I didn't really go into though, is all of the feelings I have been having lately.  First and foremost, Who am I?  That may seem silly to ask that question, but honestly, the more and more I think about who I am, the less I like myself.  I know that overall, I am a good person, but how do I identify myself?  I'm Tim's wife, Cooper & Katy's mom, I love Jesus, and I'm a step-mom, daughter, Mimi and then some.  The problem?  Well, I don't really know who Emily is without all of the other people to identify me.  I have interests, things I like to do, things that make me feel good, and people I like to talk to - but it seems while Katy has been an infant, I've lost many of those things.  

I want them back.  NOW.  I want to take control of my life, and demand that I be taken care of by myself, my husband and my kids.  I'm not asking for them to cater to my every need, but a bit of time to myself for me once a week would be good.  I know not every week will there be time for me to have "me" time, but I need it.  I think everyone needs it.  

So I plan to get my butt out of bed at 5:30 or earlier in the mornings and get on the dreadmill.... I did it today, and even though it's just one day, it felt like old hat.  I was in the habit of waking at 5:30 to go running before I got pregnant with Katy, and now, I'm going to do that again.  I'm going to get back in the habit of rising and exercising.  It sure makes the entire day seem more enjoyable/rewarding.  

I plan to start eating healthier, at least better than I have been.  I did great during the cleanse, and for a couple of weeks after that it continued, but in the last couple of weeks, it's not been great.  I need to fix that.  I want to plan meals, and do some major meal prepping on Sundays.  

I plan to get back to regular church attendance.  I need to go to church.  I cannot just read the word a few days a week and not do something more.  The kids need to go to church too, and now that Kate is one, I feel better about leaving her in the nursery.  

I have big plans, and what I need, is you, the people reading this blog, to help hold me accountable.  Can you help me accomplish these plans?

Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm not sure where my time goes.  I feel like overall, I don't really waste that much time, but honestly, I have said it time and time again, I cannot keep up.  I don't even want to compare myself to some people who can accomplish so much more than me in the same amount of time.  That would just make me feel even more like a slacker!

Life lately has been more work, more baseball, more kids stuff, more family stuff, and less everything else.  Including blogging.  I really want to make this hobby of mine a bigger priority in my life.  I want to make exercise a bigger priority also.  I'm just so darn tired by the time those kiddos go to bed that all I want to do is finish my normal tasks and go to bed.  Exercise will give me more energy though, so I need to make it a priority and GET UP in the mornings.  I used to do it.  Why is it so difficult for me now?  

I haven't even written up a post about Cooper's tball yet.  Nor have I written about Katy's 1st birthday party or the fact that she is now 12 months.  Someday, right?  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

This past weekend we were out of town for our niece's high school graduation.  This week will be semi busy, tonight is Tim's final high school baseball game for the regular high school baseball season.  Tomorrow night I hope to visit with Bill, Mary, Erica and Mel.  Wednesday or Thursday I need to grocery shop, We have nothing scheduled for Friday and the only big plans for the weekend (so far) are dinner with friends Saturday night and church on Sunday.  

I'm going to *try* to get my butt up tomorrow morning and walk on the dreaded treadmill.  It's not everything I want to do, but it's a start, right?  I need to start somewhere.  

I'm not really sure why I'm writing all or any of this, but I need something to get me going, to get my rear in gear.  So, maybe, just maybe, posting this out in cyberspace will kick me up a notch, in exercise, productivity and potentially energy?  I'm sick of being a slug, it's time to start living and doing.  

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