Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Surprise! Sprinkle for Stephanie!

This past Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be able to go together with Stephanie's mom and MIL to host a surprise sprinkle for her.  We started planning back in May or so for this little event, and though some folks weren't able to make it, I think it turned out nicely.

We got the private room in Steph's favorite restaurant and got everything setup.  Steph's mom made the flower arrangement below, It was super cute with silk flowers, rolled "flower" bibs and socks for Mr. Brambino. Yep, Brambino is the little guy's nickname.  We won't find out his real name until he's born.  They are keeping tight lipped about it!  What we know is that he has the same initials as Ryan and his middle name.

Anyway, back to setting up....  Carla (Ryan's Mom) made the cutest little gift packs for the attendees.  Everyone received a travel sized Bath and Body works lotion and a small candle.  They were so cute.  Since Brambino's room is nautical themed, we went with a nautical theme for the cupcakes, which I had ordered from a local bakery. 

It wasn't the most elaborately decorated party, for sure not as decorated as her shower for Kampbell, but that was okay, it was food, fun, friends and gifts, and that's what was most important.  Here is the setup of the room.

Once we finished eating and devouring our cupcakes, Steph opened her gifts, and we took pictures to document the event.

Ryan was such a good sport and hung around for the festivities, and he did such a GREAT job scheming to get Stephanie to the party without having a clue what she was walking into.  Thanks Ryan!

It was a fun time and I'm so glad we were able to surprise Stephanie and celebrate her and the incoming new edition to their (our) family!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another weekend in the books!

Another busy weekend at my house!

Saturday my mom and Shawn came up, Shawn went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Nationwide race and to hang out at the track and mom visited with us all day! :)  It was spectacular!!  It seems like the only times we really get to visit with mom at our house in our "lives" are when she's cleaning for us, or up to help us in some other way shape or form, and it was so nice to have some time to really visit with her on our homestead.  She did watch the kids for me for a few hours while I co-hosted a surprise sprinkle for Stephanie, hopefully a post on that to follow later in the week.

When I got home, I suggested that we take Cooper and Kate to another splash park, one that was closer to our house.  It wasn't as nice of a splash park but the playground was pretty great, and the kids had a blast. (which is the whole point anyway!).

Then we went to Sam's club to stock up on a few items, then back home!  We got dinner and then Tim was home from his umpiring camp.  He was there all day Friday, most of the day Saturday and Sunday as well.  

Sunday ended up being a big lazy stay at home day with lots of laundry.  I played with the kids, we watched tv, played games, took naps, got baths. and then once Tim got home, we did manage go out to dinner.

This picture cracks me up, my kids, like brother like sister, both decided to sit on top of their picnic table at home to watch tv.

Have a great Monday!!  It's already half way through in my neck of the woods! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Weekend.

We had a fabulous weekend at the Johnson household!  Filled with fun, friends, family and busy times!

We are still working on this thing as I mentioned Friday, but unfortunately it didn't work out over the weekend.  

Saturday was a very fun and good day.  Tim had to umpire some baseball games for a big tournament that was going on in town this weekend, and the kids and I did our chores so that we would be ready for the rest of the day.

Then I took Cooper to see Planes Fire and Rescue. This is the only picture I got, but this boy is so into the movie, he didn't even notice me taking the picture.

Saturday evening, my friend Jill brought her two boys, Max (Cooper's age) and Wyatt (Katy's age) over to play.  The boys definitely had a blast together.  This is a picture Jill took of them riding Coop's car.

On Sunday, we missed church due to lack of sleep, but were very busy after all of us finally woke up!  We got some retakes of Katy's birthday pictures taken, went grocery shopping, went on a picnic with Stephanie, Kampbell and Andrew, took the kids to a splash pad and playground and then home for more playtime for them/chores for us.

It was a busy and fun filled weekend for sure.  I just cannot wait for more weekends just like it.  Cheers to this week also - swim lessons, dinner with friends and more fun with my kids and hubby are on deck for us, what do you have going on this week?

Friday, July 18, 2014


I don't really have a big or major topic to write about - but I wanted to write, it's FRIDAY, the weekend is almost here and I'm super pumped about this weekend.

We've got a potential thing going on that I'm hoping will all work out and will provide some major fun and memories for our family over the next several years.

Plus, tomorrow and Sunday should be filled with some memory filling fun as well.  I'm excited.

I'm thrilled to be spending some quality time with these two hooligans as well..

Have a happy weekend folks! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Accountability Huh? What? Who? Where?

Well, I guess I could say accountability flew out the door.  I should say that the entire post that I wrote on June 3rd flew out the door.  Why?  I have no idea.  Laziness, no motivation, and excuses are three reasons, although not good ones.  

Yes, Katy has been teething, yes work has been extremely busy, yes we had a vacation tucked in there somewhere, but honestly, there is zero reason for me not getting up and walking on the treadmill, eating better or making time for myself.  For some reason I seem to be just going through the motions of life right now.  I don’t know if I’m a little down in the dumps, or if it’s just a stage in my life right now, but for whatever reason, I’m just unmotivated to do anything other than spend time with my kids and watch tv or read. 

This really needs to stop.  What will it take for me to realize that I made life changes for the better once upon a time – and I can do it again? 

I have so many things I want to blog about to catch up on, I want to get back to some fitness level where I recognize myself, and I want to be happier in general.  I know these things can happen, I just have to find the motivation, so that is the key, finding the motivation.

There are times that I’ve thought I should just stop all of this blogging stuff, that it’s just one less thing to worry about, one less thing to have to keep up with, and one less thing in general.  But you know what?  I like that I can look back and see what’s been going on with my family.  I like that I can look up and see what Katy was doing at 5 months, what Cooper was doing at 2 years, etc.  I only wish I had continued blogging after I had Cooper and before he was a year old.   

I’ve thought about buying T25 or P90x3 or something similar, to give me SOMETHING, ANYTHING to do other than the treadmill.  I think that it would be something that the entire family (well minus Katy) could actually get into, and enjoy.  Cooper wouldn’t really be “doing” much, but I think he’d enjoy dancing around trying – and at only 25 minutes per day, surely we could keep up with that…..  Now to get Tim on board with that.  I think I’ll work on it. 

If you read this, I could use some encouragement to make some changes in my life that are for ME.  I’ve obviously talked and talked and talked about it, but it’s time for change.  I thought getting a new blog design may help with this, and well, I’m actually blogging so we’ll see.  Now to get moving on some other aspects of my life.  Because there is more to life that the TELEVISION once the kids go to bed, right?!?!

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