Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm struggling lately.  How to keep up with daily tasks at work, home, with kids, and in life in general.

Honestly, work is awesome.  I don't really talk much about my work life, but since changing jobs in January, I'm in a MUCH better place than I was.  I was bored at my old job.  Majorly bored.  Which is why I had time for blogging!  Now, not so much.  I'm swamped.  It's a good thing, but it's busy, and I don't have a lot of time at work to blog.

So that means I need to try to fit it into the evenings or mornings, and well, I'm not one for sacrificing sleep.  I am finding that I'm losing track of all of the events that I want to blog about though, so it's time to figure out a way to fit blogging into the home life.

Home life is crazy busy right now too.  Cooper is playing tball - I WILL post about that soon.  That is two days a week.  Tim is umpiring 5-6 days per week so that makes things a bit hectic around our house.  I'm playing single mommy, and it's just difficult.

Keeping up with the house and trying to do "most" of the normal life stuff is hard.  Making time for friends is difficult if not impossible.  Life is busy busy busy.  I know that most people are in the same boat as I am, and I'm not complaining about it.  Life is GOOD, I am blessed.  I just want to make time for things for ME too.  I need to get my booty on the treadmill, I need to get back into blogging, and I need to do some other things that I want to do.  To start to care about me a bit.

My friend Gina has encouraged me to write out my "goals" for the month/year etc, so that I can keep myself accountable.  I NEED to do this.  This is going to be something that I start to do, and I hope to share on here (if I can find time) so that you too can hold me accountable.

So, I am writing this to share that I'm struggling now, but I plan to work on life, myself and my tasks to get things put back together in this new work world that I'm becoming acclimated to during this crazy time.

I hope my sporadic posts come to an end and I figure out how to make this hobby of mine a priority again!  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Better Half

Happy Birthday to you Tim, the love of my life, my partner in crime, the best daddy in the universe, and my favorite person in the world.  

I hope you have a fabulous day, I cannot wait to celebrate with you this weekend.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

I haven't linked up for 5 on Friday in a long time, so I figured, why not today?  It's Friday so I'm happy, but it's raining again today, so things could be a bit better, but still, it's FRIDAY!

Here are my FIVE for today!

1)   I still cannot get over these sweet pictures of my baby girl.  These are a few from her 9 month photo shoot.  She's such a little diva.

2)  This.  My little boy surfing the dishwasher.  I have been looking through old pictures this week and came across this one.  Isn't he the sweetest thing?  I miss him being so little, but am enjoying how he's growing into such an awesome guy!

3)  I'm already planning decorations/photo ideas for Kate's first birthday.  I can see something like this picture happening, I'm already talking to a few folks about getting the shirt and tutu made.   Isn't this picture adorable?

4)  The Bram Fam.  They just took their first family vacation to FL.  They took this picture on the beach and I absolutely love it.  I've really missed them this week, but hope they've had a wonderful time!!

5) Have ya'll heard of this stuff?  Edible cookie dough.  I've not tried it yet, but I'm really hoping my husband will pick some up for me today.  I have been wanting to try it and have several friends who have and said it's delicious.  YUMMO!

That's it for me today.   Cookie Dough lover?  Vacations anytime soon?  Jealous of those at the beach like me?!?

Happy Weekend Friends!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Katy is TEN months!

Kathryn Elisabeth, you are TEN months old now.  Just two more short months and we’ll be celebrating your first birthday.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  I actually already picked out your first birthday invitations this month and I am starting to think about how we’ll decorate as well as getting your birthday outfit all figured out.  I just cannot believe it.  I need time to JUST.SLOW.DOWN!  You are becoming Miss Independent and while that means you’re growing and thriving and doing exactly what you’re supposed to do, it makes mama just a little sad and wishing for these baby days to stick around longer!

Katy, you’re sleeping so wonderfully still.  I dread teething because we’ve gotten so used to you sleeping through the night.  You still go to bed sometime between 7 and 8 at night, depending on when your last nap was and how tired you are.  Most nights its between 7:30 and 8.  You still haven't had any more of the screaming episodes in the middle of the night, which has been great.

You've been doing a great job with naps also.  You’ve been taking 2-3 naps per day and usually at least an hour and a half each time.  Sometimes up to 3 hours at a time.  You do like your sleep!!  You still sleep best when you have a sleep sack, and don't forget the pacifier, you MUST have it to sleep!

Weight - you weighed 18 lbs 10 ounces at a doctor’s appointment this month.  I’ll talk more about that appointment in a little bit.  You had all of your clothes on during this appointment’s weight check, so I think it’s possible that you hadn’t gained much.

Your daily food intake hasn’t been great this month.  We’ve really been struggling to get you to eat your minimum ounces (16) per day.  We’ve tried several things, but nothing seemed to work.  We finally decided to cut you down to 3 bottles per day, hoping that you’d eat your middle of the day bottle better since you weren’t eating but 2-3 ounces during each of your second and third bottles each day.  We figured combining those two feedings may make you drink more.  It didn’t really help unfortunately.  You are eating more baby food at this point though.  You’re finally eating 3 meals a day.  You have a baby food fruit for breakfast, veggie for lunch and you have 3-4 tablespoons of cereal for dinner with your night time bottle.   We cut the yogurt out because it seemed to fill you up so much that you didn’t want to eat for so long after that we really couldn’t get enough milk in you.   You still love puffs, and you’ve enjoyed yogurt melts and teething biscuits this month also.

Now onto your doctor’s appointment.  Mommy and Daddy were really getting worried about you not eating and drinking your bottles, so I took you to the doctor.  The doc thinks that your reflux is the problem.  She said to start you back on your medicine.  I had just stopped giving it to you during your 8th month (I think), but the doctor is convinced that the reflux is the reason you aren’t eating.  You don’t seem to mind taking the medicine right now, and we’ll see if this helps over the next month. 

Clothes & Diapers.  You're in a size 3 diaper still, and they aren't getting too small yet, so you'll probably be there for a little while longer at least.   You’re wearing mostly 9 month clothes at this point, we’ve got you in a few 12 month onesies here and there, but not too many yet.

Katy, you’re all over the place.  Crawling, and pulling up and walking around anything you can pull up on and hold onto.  You will also hold both of my hands and walk with me.  You’re a little monkey too, climbing up on anything you can!  Daddy caught you climbing up on Coop’s picnic table, and then the next day Sissy and I caught you doing it too.  You were just hanging out – playing with Cooper’s stickers while standing on the picnic table seat.  If we let you, you’ll climb to the very top.  Such a climber already.  We’re really going to have to watch those stairs!

You’re big beautiful eyes haven’t changed colors completely – and I’m wondering if they will.  They seem to be a greyish color right now, not really hazel and definitely not a true blue either.  I guess time will tell.  You still have no teeth.  We think they’ll come soon, but then again, we’ve thought that each month! 

You are still a mama’s girl, but you don’t cry much when around others.   I think you only cry for me when you’re super tired – when I get you out of your crib in the morning, you really want nothing to do with anyone but me, and the same when you’re super tired in the evenings, but you do like your sissy, Cooper, Daddy and Nana.  For some reason, Papa Gary makes you cry.  I’m pretty sure it’s his beard, but you want nothing to do with him.  I know that will change. 

Katy Lady, we are so in love with you.  You are such a persistent little girl, and you make sure to tell us when you don’t like something.  Just like your mama, haha.  You’re laughing so much lately, and your smile lights up a room.   You love your doll babies and your bears.  Your face just breaks into the biggest smile when we bring them to you.  You love to immediately eat their faces.  It’s so fun to watch.  You’re a HAPPY girl, and that makes us so happy.  We love you Miss Kate, to the moon and back, forever and always.

Happy TEN months!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Weekend

I haven't done a weekend post in awhile, for lots of reasons, but I want to keep note of this one, because it was particularly fun.  At least for me.

This weekend was the weekend of stopping pumping all together.  It has gone pretty well so far.  I pumped for a total of 8 minutes on Saturday and haven't pumped at all since Saturday night.  I'm almost to 36 hours and I'm in some pain, but I'm surviving.  I'm sure hoping to be feeling better in the next couple of days.

Friday night, my mom watched the kiddos so that Tim and I could go out to dinner.  We weren't planning on doing this, so we left home almost as soon as we got home to drop the kids off so that we could actually get in somewhere.  Friday nights and dining don't go together so well without planning to wait for hours or a reservation.  Anyway, it was super nice to get out for just an hour without the kids.  A short but much appreciated date.  A wonderful start to the weekend.

Saturday was busy, but nice.  The kids and I got up early (as they usually do) and we let daddy sleep.  I fed Katy then made Cooper waffles and we played together.  I got laundry started and it was a fun morning.  Cooper and I watched The Pioneer Woman when Katy went down for her morning nap.  Tim woke up and came downstairs and I fell asleep on the couch for almost an hour!  Then we all got ready, ran some errands, went to lunch and then visited a new baseball park that is open for the first season this year.  It was a good afternoon.  When we got home, since the weather was so nice, I took the kids outside, Cooper played with all of the neighborhood kiddos and Kate "played" with the other 3 babies around her age.  All of us Moms had a "Working Wives of the Court" meeting, haha.  Every one of us moms was out and chit chatting about things going on around our court, our lives, the kids, etc.  Even though it is not my ideal living situation (living in a neighborhood), I am blessed to live on a court where both of my kids have other kids around their age to play with.  Cooper has Alexis (4 months older), Julia (10 months older), Evan (14 months younger), and Mia (1 year older) to play with and Kate has Sarah (3 months older), Luca (1 month younger) and Joshua (3 months younger).  Such a blessing!

Of course there was much basketball playing in the house as well.  Cooper just cannot get enough basketball.  

On Sunday morning, we missed church because I wasn't feeling quite up to it, and the kids were playing and having a lot of fun together.  Tim let me sleep in and he took care of feeding and playing with the kiddos.  Once I did get up, Tim and I paid the bills together (a rare occasion), did some more laundry, cleaned up some and played with the kids of course.  Cooper decided he needed to dress up like a superhero.

When we finally looked up at the clock, we realized it was time to get moving, we had a birthday party to go to!  It was my friend Jill's son Wyatt's first birthday celebration.  Wyatt's brother Max, is one of Cooper's best and oldest friends.  Wyatt is just a couple of months older that Kate and they go to the same babysitter at least for now, so I think they will probably be buddies too.  

Kate really likes Wyatt's toys and Max...

We went grocery shopping and I had my first ever shamrock shake on the way home.

The kiddos played some more, then it was dinner time and bed time.  That was about the extend of our weekend.  Fun and BUSY!  I'm looking forward to another weekend already.  We'll be visiting my family next weekend for my Grandma's 80th birthday celebration! :)  

Hope you're all wearing your GREEN today, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!