Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Katy is SIX months!

Katy you are SIX months old! Mama is a little behind in writing this post, but I'm finally getting it done!
Let's talk stats first. You were 17 lbs 2.5 oz on your six month birthday! Your mama loves your chunky legs so much!!
You were still waking up in the middle of the night for one feeding, but the last week or so before 11/26, you haven't been eating very much - only 2-3 oz and then you're ready to go back to sleep. You've recently started talking when you wake up, you're not even crying, I still go in there to feed you just to get you to go back to sleep. It works, but it sure is exhausting to mama.

When we talked to the doctor at your appointment about whether or not you need the feeding, she said absolutely not. She said that you should be able to go 12 hours now without eating at night, so we needed to start letting you self sooth yourself back to sleep. She gave me the OK to use the ear plugs so that I can sleep.

You're still eating okay one day and blah the next. We switched up your feeding schedule a bit, and you're eating in the middle of the night, then you eat one bottle in the morning 9-10am (usually 6 oz or so) then around lunchtime you eat 1-1.5 tubs of first foods, veggie then fruit. You hate peaches! And you're not the biggest fan of green beans either..... Then you have an afternoon bottle (4-6 oz), an evening bottle (3-4 oz) and then 4 tlbs of oatmeal cereal. You were NEVER getting all of the ounces that your doctor wanted you to have. Your new doctor said you were doing just fine, so I stopped worrying.
You're still a talking machine, and you've really started laughing more too! I love your precious voice and laugh. You love your brother. Cooper makes you smile more than any of us! He's so good with you!

We pulled the jumperoo out of the attic for you and you LOVE jumping!!! I think you like it even more than Cooper did. You're still in a size 3 diaper, you're wearing size 6 month clothes. You're still napping wonderfully. At least two two hour naps a day, and sometimes you will nap for 3 hours. I think that helps you sleep better at night and eat better also.

Your hair is really coming in now, and I'm so excited to see you with the growing hair. Your eyes are still blue and your smile still lights up the room. You still don't have any teeth, but you are chewing on EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. I think you'll be getting that first tooth in the next month or two.

Kathryn Elisabeth Johnson, I love you more and more everyday! You're such a sweet baby girl, I'm so thankful for you!

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Gina said...

So adorable!! It's fun to read about since our two are so close in age:-) Here's to us both dropping the night feedings AND GETTING SOME SLEEP!! Virtual pinky promise;-)