Advocare 10 Day Cleanse: Days 5-9

Well, today is day NINE of my 10 day cleanse.  I can really hardly believe it.  Other than missing milk and cheese, I'm not really missing much.  

I am tired of the same old things though, so over my long weekend (I was off on Monday), I ate a lot of homemade Qdoba burrito bowls.  Brown rice, black beans, grilled chicken, fajita veggies, spices, salsa, guacamole and lettuce.  They are absolutely delicious and not too terrible for you either. I also ate breakfast foods and salads.

I am pretty sure I'm going to continue down this path, for a couple of reasons:  1) These things are easy to prepare 2) They still taste good to me.  

The cleanse overall has been a decent experience.  If for no other reason than this, I've learned that I can go for 10 days without bread, pasta, dairy of any kind and chocolate.  And since a couple of days in, it hasn't been difficult.  At all.  Now that is the biggest shock to me ever.  I honestly didn't think I could handle a life without bread or cheese.

The official directions do not say that you have to eliminate dairy or wheat during the cleanse, they just say to limit dairy, and they say to make sure to have whole grains if eating them.  I decided to eliminate both totally. 

I'm interested in what my results will be.  I do not forsee that I have lost tons of inches or that I have lost more than a pound or two.  Honestly, this was about seeing if I could clean up my diet, and to see how I felt while doing this cleanse.  

This weekend was difficult for me, especially Saturday.  We celebrated my stepson's birthday, he turned 22.  The family had apple pie and ice cream to celebrate.  I LOVE me some apple pie, so resisting it was a tad bit difficult, but I DID IT.  I stood strong.  

Look at that delicious apple pie..... YUM.

So, one day left after today, then Thursday I will have the results.  If you've done the cleanse before, what was your most difficult thing to overcome?  Did you find that after a couple of days you were fine with eating?  Like the fiber drink?

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Gina said...

The 2-4 days were the most difficult for me so far. Now I feel more "normal," although I still want to go for sweets/carbs. I've learned that if they aren't available (on purpose) it goes a long way to "satisfying" my craving;-)

Way to stay strong! I think you've learned a lot about your own willpower, which can help you with any goal:-)

I'm glad you did the cleanse, as it really made me do the cleanse & I'm happy with my results thus far (cleaning up my diet, etc).