Katy is ELEVEN months!

Katybug, you’re eleven months, plus some now, but I’m only writing today about what happened with you during your eleventh month…  ELEVEN months.  I can hardly believe that in a few short weeks, you’ll be an entire year old.  Your party invitations have been mailed out and party preparations have begun.  But, let’s get back to that eleventh month, shall we?

During this month, you spent one week at Charlotte’s house then the rest month at home with your Sissy and your Nana.  Nana watched you one day per week and Sissy watched you 4 days a week.  You love them both so it was super nice for you to have some quality time with them before you started at your new school.

Let’s talk sleep. You still sleep fabulously at night.  It’s still awesome by the way.  You’re still going to bed between 7:30 and 8 and sleeping until 5:45 – 6am.  Naps are also great – you take 2-3 one and a half to two hour naps per day.    Sissy and Nana put that sleep sack on you for your naps and you sleep like a dream, and you still need a pacifier at naptime and bedtime as well.

I’m not sure how much you weigh this month, you haven’t been to the doctor for any reason, so we’ve not weighed you on an accurate scale.  BUT if I had to guess, I’d say you weighed just around 19 lbs.  Just a guess.

You have started eating much better – as we’ve been incorporating more whole milk into your diet you seem to take your bottles better.  You’re also eating baby food and puffs and a couple of table foods (green beans, puffs, pieces of sweet potato, bananas).  You’re still doing a bottle at breakfast, baby food fruit for breakfast, bottle at lunch, baby food veggie for a snack, then bottle and cereal for dinner.  Along with some puffs, teething biscuits, and yogurt melts thrown in there for fun.

You are still taking your reflux meds 2x per day – and it seems to be helping you eat – I wonder how long you’ll have to be on this medication, but as long as it’s helping you, I’m all for it!

Clothes & Diapers.  You're in a size 4 diaper now. Accidentally actually.  I happened to buy a size 4 instead of the 3, so instead of waiting and buying more 3s, I just decided to use them.  They aren’t that much too big, so we’ll probably stick with them from here on out.  You’ve been in 9 and 12 months clothes this month.   You’re just about out of the 9 month clothes.  They are just getting too short on you.  The pants are alright, and they might carry forward to be used as capri pants.  At least some of them……

Kate girl, you’re into everything.  You’re everywhere and you love to “walk” everywhere as long as you have someone/something to hold onto.  You still climb on everything you can, and we really have to follow you around, because the first place you dart to is the stairs.  You love climbing up there!  You’ve gone up the stairs with Nana, mommy and daddy. 

In the past, you were afraid of your Papa Gary, but this month, at Easter, you seemed to really like him.  So we’re happy about that.  We thought it was his beard, and it still might be, however, you never minded your Uncle Craig, and he’s got a beard too, so we’re not really sure what’s the problem.  Anyway, we’re glad you like your Papa now!   You love your Daddy, Mommy and you light up when you see big brother Cooper!  You love Nana, Sissy, Kampbell and your Bobo too. Actually, when thinking about it, I’m not sure there are any family members that you don’t like!  You are still a big mama’s girl though.  You really get excited when you see me, and get upset when I leave you in the mornings to get a shower, even though you have a ball with your daddy during that time.  You really love that guy too. 

Your eyes are still grey, with little hints of brown, but mostly grey.  They are pretty, and will be no matter what color they are, I just wonder if they’ll change.  You got two teeth this month!!!  The bottom two teeth are in and you weren’t very fussy either.  You slept well and we’re so blessed!  

You are saying more and more words it seems.  You say ‘dada’, ‘mama’, ‘nana’, ‘hi’, and ‘baba’ which I think means bye bye, but I’m not 100% sure on that one.  You ramble on all kinds of other nonsense, and we just love hearing your voice.  The funniest times for me are when we are in the car going somewhere and you are getting ready to go to sleep.  You just say “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” or “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” over and over again until you’re asleep.  I’d forgotten, but Cooper did the same thing when he was tired.  You doing it reminded me of when he did it around your age.  Two funny kiddos!

One last thing I’ll add – you LOVE music.  Every time it’s on, you “dance” by swinging those little hips of yours, or shaking your shoulders.  You’ll wiggle your head and bee bop around to pretty much whatever music is playing.  I love that!  It makes me excited to get you into dance classes when you get older.  

Kate, we love you so much, you just make us so happy.  I’m so blessed to have you and Cooper as my kiddos, you both love each other and are the happiest kiddos (most of the time!).  Thank you baby girl for making our family complete!

Happy 11 months! (Back on April 26th ……)

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Gina said...

Almost a year, holy cow!! Glad she seems to be thriving so:-)